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Studio Tree is first and foremost, a family endeavour.

This space is available for public use and you can find available dates when

you book online here. We’ve specifically designed the availability for

public engagements to be intimate, strategic and powerful.

By developing our individual passions and pursuing different avenues of personal growth,

We, Lisa and Ryan, chose to focus this space for ourselves + our children.

Life is extremely short and we have been gifted with sharing that with each other.

By focusing on the things that matter most for us now, and into our future,

we hope to better serve each other

and our community.

Thank You for working alongside us in the space as we all create, grow and life live.

Feel free to reach out contact us anytime with any special request you may have.

Studio Tree is a content + design based venue that will host a variety of creatives in an environment that encourages exploration of creativity in a variety of artistic fields at strategic times.

Studio Tree is a safe environment to explore creative ideas while also providing help on how to translate creativity into profitable means via business development, advertising strategies and marketing efficiencies.